Warehouse Storage Services

Fossil Exhibits offers storage in our secure warehouse to ensure that your exhibit properties are ready to ship for your next tradeshow.  Our detailed inventory systems allows you to know exactly what properties you have in storage and how much space they require. All of your properties are categorized on a computer spreadsheet indicating what is in the crate or on the skid, along with the size/weight of each crate/skid. We can also offer to track all your materials as they are sent from inventory and returned to inventory. All materials are checked prior to going into our warehouse to make sure that nothing was damaged along the way and then they are checked prior to shipping to make sure that when you receive them on the show floor they meet the standards that you require for exhibiting your properties. Don't let your properties get "lost in the shuffle" - let us provide you with our tracking/inventory system.

Storing your exhibit at Fossil Exhibits allows you to have your booth available whenever and wherever you need it.